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 Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Current Research

Current Research Projects

Title: Development of Dynamic Estimation Technology for Identifying Potential Urban Flood-prone Areas (PUFA) using AXB (Artificial Intelligence, X-IoT, and Big Data)

Title: Development of the Key Techniques and Utilization Methods for Weather Observation in Rain/Snow Fields based on Unstructured Data using CCTV

Title: Development of Scenario Neutral-based Drought Vulnerability Evaluation Technology for Multilateral Decision Making

Title: Development of Evaluation and Prediction Management Technology for Wetland Ecosystems

Title: Development of an Algorithm with AI and Unconstructed Big Data for High-Quality Hydro-Meteorological Data: Focusing on Improvement of Accuracy in Flood Estimation

Title: Development of the integrated solution for smart flood management

Title: Development of A Multi-Modal Big Data Fusion Algorithm with AI-RS-GIS for Flood Estimation and Flood Risk Assessment in Ungauged Basins

Past Research Projects

Title: From Climate Change Mitigation to Adaptation: The Fever of Sponge City Construction in China and Its Implications to Local Environmental Governance

Title: Green Roofs and Urban Micro-Climate: A Heat Island Mitigation Approach

Title: Design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for Sponge Cities: Focusing on Urban Runoff Retardation Facilities in Suzhou City

Title: Development of AI-based Algorithms for Image/Video Understanding and Analysis (IVUA) of Rainfall-runoff Data

Title: Detention Basin Design for Climate Change Adaptation and Urban Water Disaster Mitigation: Focusing on Suwon City

Title: Water Sensitive Urban Design for Sustainable Water Resources Management under Uncertainty

Title: Sustainable Urban Design for Adaption of Water Resources Management to Climate Change

Title: Initiatives for Sustainable Urban Development in China: Focusing on Flooding and Stormwater Management

Title: Development and Assessment of Element Technologies for A Smart City: Focus on Rainwater Harvesting Facilities

Title: Data Collection and Analysis in Observation Devices for Validating Data in the Rainfall Radar

Title: Development of Safety Management System for Sewer Utility Against Natural Disasters

Title: Development of AI-based Microclimate Analysis and Prediction Methods for Water Sensitive Urban Design

Title: Development of Next Generation Technology for Sewer Condition Assessment and Asset Management based on Cloud Computing

Title: Research for Rainfall Estimation Using CCTV Videos

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